Coating Dust Collection

Coating Dust Collection

Filter Media & Air Filter Media

Using the right type of filter media to collect coating dust is vital to ensure the air quality and indoor environment of your facility stays at the highest level. We can provide a variety of different filter types and media to meet the specifications of your equipment and industry needs.

Powder Coating Dust Collection

Powder coating is a necessary process for many industries to ensure the quality of the products being produced, it can also pose dangers to employees working with the powder coating process. It is important to have the proper filtration and ventilation in place to ensure the safety of everyone in the facility.

Types of Filter Media:

  • Synthetic Media Filters
  • Expanded Paper Filters
  • Fiberglass Filters
  • Cartridge Filters

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Air quality is so important for your personnel, and it can affect product-finish quality control. Many times we find that our customers’ filtration systems are underrated for their needs, or filters just need replacing more frequently. If you think your air quality could be better, contact us today, to schedule your no-obligation Onsite Visit.

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