Dispensing Solutions

Due to the nature of adhesives, the dispensing process is complicated. There is the chemical aspect, varying viscosities, and the obvious aspect of stickiness. It’s very specialized, and FACT has the experience to help make it all seem quite simple. Preparation, the right equipment, and knowledge can help your industrial adhesive dispensing process flow smoothly, and efficiently. Contact us if you get into a sticky situation, we’ll pay you a visit for a no-obligation audit.

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FACT supplies large manufacturers with everything needed for Painting, Finishing, Coating, and Adhesive Dispensing, including the equipment, set-up, and all related filters. It doesn’t end there, we also do repairs, including warranty work, and we help our customers with inventories, forecasting of future needs, cost control and waste minimization.

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Finishing Equipment

FACT carries all the latest cutting edge equipment and supplies to help you increase your productivity and decrease waste and environmental impact in your finishing operation. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation or system audit. In some cases, our clients see marked improvements with a system tune-up. Other times, we can show you how buying new equipment pays for itself in a relatively short timeframe, while increasing productivity and decreasing waste, and environmental impact.

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We know filtering… Every filtering need related to industrial painting, coating, dust & particle collection, and adhesive dispensing can be done by FACT. We carry the best lines of filtering equipment, and consumables. We can help you design your overspray filtration, interior air quality filtration, and paint, finishing, and adhesive in-line filtration. If you want to make sure all of your filtering processes are as environmentally friendly as they could be, contact us for a no-obligation audit.

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Dispensing Solutions Painting Finishing Equipment Filtration

The FACT Way

We pride ourselves in our unique ability to develop effective solutions for a wide range of customers in the filtraton, pollution control, and coating/finishing industries. We rely on our knowledgable staff and industry expertise when working closely with customers to identify their needs. The FACT Way is the process we created over the years that guides us along the way. Learn more about the FACT Way on our About Us page.

Finishing Equipment

Finishing Equipment

Discover more about the products and services we provide for your Finishing Equipment needs.

Paint Filters

Paint Filters Coating Collection

We're capable of providing a variety of paint filter solutions for your unique business needs. Learn more!

HVAC Filters

HVAC Filters

No matter the type of HVAC system, we can get you the filter solution you need! See how we can help!

Installation & Fabrication Services

We can install and fabricate the custom system designed for your business needs to stay on track and efficient.

Consultation & Audit Services

We're your partner when it comes to figuring out the type of equipment and products you need for success. Learn more about the consultation and audit services we offer to help your organization.

Delivery Services

Our delivery services provide peace of mind knowing the products you need are delivered on time and on schedule.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Services

Improve profitability and efficiency today using your existing EDI system. Learn more!